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Festival of Bulgarian Folk Arts "Pirin Sings"
"Pirin Sings" 2012

XIII Festival of Bulgarian Folklore "Pirin Sings"

On 4 and 5 August 2012 will be held XIII Festival of Folklore "Pirin Sings" in the "Predel" Razlog, Bulgaria

50 years Festival of Bulgarian Folklore "Pirin Sings".

Beginning of the Fest of Folk Art "Pirin Sings" was launched in 1962 to 1985 is held every five years. In 1985 this remarkable display of authentic folk traditions of Pirin is discontinued. After 12 years of folk art fair "Pirin Sings" successfully restored in 1997 and declares his presence in the cultural life of Bulgaria and Pirin, and declares its intention to promote and preserve the unique folk heritage of Southwestern Bulgaria.

The seventh festival was held in 1999. Over 200,000 people from Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Sweden and others. participate and attend this glorious traditional forum of Bulgarian spirit.

The fair is held every two years in the "Predel" between the two great Bulgarian mountains Rila and Pirin.

Organizer of the XIII Festival of Folklore "Pirin Sings" is Razlog municipality and district administration - Blagoevgrad.

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Photos from the Folklore Fair "Pirin Sings" 2010
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